The restaurant

Those who visit the “Locanda Lorena” will taste specialties prepared by the owner Giuseppe Basso and his tireless team. When reaching the reception, guests are welcomed by the aroma of the sea mixed with Ligurian cuisine prepared with great care in order to maintain the taste of traditional food and paying special attention to the quality of the products used. The meal starts with a rich selection of freshly made entrees. Stuffed or marinated mussels and anchovies are a must as well as the fried fish and shellfish. The pasta dishes go from Penne with Langoustines to the very famous “Spaghetti alla Giuseppe”. The wide range of choice from the menu are sure to meet everyone’s taste: many are also the non-seafood options like the famous “trenette al pesto. Main courses include an abundance of fresh fish, grilled mixed sea food, lobster salads….All accompanied by the best wines. To finish off there is a delicious lemon sorbet and homemade desserts. Enjoy you meal!